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Saturday, July 20, 2019
The mission of the Belfast United Methodist Church is to be a community of Disciples in service for Jesus Christ, sharing God's love with all.

Camp Mechuwana

Mechuwana News  

Camp brochures for the 2019 season will be mailed to former campers and will also available in the church office after January 15th, 2019. If you are seeking financial assistance in order to attend camp, please contact Evelyn. There are scholarships available from the church and Camp Mechuwana has funds to assist youth and young adults who wish to participate and need financial help.


Mechuwana Recognized For it's Non-Traditional Camp Programs

Mechuwana has been recognized for having a number of programs that are "non-traditional" types of camps that emphasis camping for all ages.

The programs are:

Mom/Child Camp - designed for mothers and younger children

Grandcamp - where grandparents can camp with their grandchildren

You and Me Camp - a program designed for dads, step-parents, aunts, uncles, pastors, and teachers to come to camp with a special child in their life

Golden Oldies Camp - for campers over the age of 60

Disc Golf Camp - New for this year

For a complete listing for available camps you can visit the website 

Congratulations to the staff and site committee for their innovative way of bringing the camping experience to so many folks.



Added buildings !!!

Because of the generosity of this family of faith, there is a plaque over the door of one of the bedrooms in the second retreat building that reads: Made possible in part by generous donations from the Belfast United Methodist Church.

With the edition of the three retreat buildings, more opportunities are now available for groups to utilize the camp, therefore creating more income for camp to help with the cost of upkeep, staff, new projects, and allows for the cost of summer camps to remain at a reasonable rate.

New construction behind the retreat Buildings!! Made possible by the generosity of three very supportive families.

A community building complete with full kitchen and three cabins have also been completed.

This allows for more groups to utilize camp throughout the year, especially before and after summer camps.

A new pavilion has been built for the outside dining area that provides much needed shade in the warm sunny days at camp.





" It is the purpose of Camp Mechuwana to complement the local church ministry by providing a unique Christian setting for persons of all ages for personal growth and experiences which enhance one's relationship to God, neighbors, and the natural world."

Mechuwana is located on 200 wooded acres and is surrounded by over 2,000 more acres of forest and lakes. People get the feeling of stepping back in time when they arrive at Mechuwana. Our location and geography have always played an important part in the camping experience. Three large lakes - all over 1000 acres in size and spring fed - are both hardwood and pine forest allow you to feel close to God's natural world.

Mechuwana is open all year. Our dining commons and two retreat buildings are heated and winterized. A third retreat building has just been completed, located behind the commons building. More are being planned for the near future. Along with hostiung our own groups, churches, and groups can use the failities to run their own programs. Church groups can also use Mecuwana as a base camp to go on day trips in Maine. Groups from far awaycan stay here at night and ski at nearby ski areas during the day.

Each season brings a new life to the fall we are amazed at the colors around the lake; in winter we ski on trials and have outside fires; in spring we look for the first wildflowers along the road; and in summer we come alive with over 1000 campers. We hope you come and enjoy God's creation in this place we call Mechuwana.

Each year the camp offers varied types of camps for youth and young adults to choose from. Camp opens in the latter part of June and runs camps through the second week of August. Here is a preview of some of the camps being offered this year at Mechuwana:

Music/Theatre camps for Elementary, Jr. High and High School students, Swim camps, Grandcamps, Outpost, Night camp, Soccer Camps, Canoe trips, Creative Arts, Rally Camps, Mom/Child Camps, First Timers,You and Me Camp, Sewing Camp, Photography Camp, Basketball Camp, Young Adventurer's Camp, Baxter Hike Trip, Native American Camp, Aquatics Camp, Camp "I am", as well as camps for Special needs.


We believe that no camper should be denied the opportunity to attend Mechuwana for financial reasons. Local churches work hard to provide shcolarships for those who wish to go to camp. Mechuwana also has a scholarship fund that provides financial help for those in need. If financial assistance is needed, you can contact Evelyn Littlefield at the Belfast United Methodist Churchat 338-5575 or by e-mail at or contact the Camp office at 377-2924 or e-mail the camp at

Mechuwana could not exist without it's volunteers. Each year over 200 individuals come to Mechuwana to counsel a cabin of campers, lead a program, teach a craft, help in the kithcen, or help with maintenance. It is because of this great volunteerism that Mechuwana is able to keep the cost of camp down. For further information on Mechuwana, you can visit their website at


This Little Light of Mine*
"A Camp Story with a Lesson"
Shared by Bud Merrill

This year I was a volunteer at First Timer's Camp. My most memorable experience was about one little boy's ability to share. My cabin of seven first timers was a group of very different individuals. There were some common interests, but a lot of diversity among the group. What struck me most was their ability to accept the diversity and to share in the interests of each individual. This story is, however, about one little boy who left his flashlight on the first night and fell asleep. By morning the flashlight's batteries were dead and the little boy was crushed. He had no flashlight for the rest of his stay. This story is also about another little boy who gave the first boy the two batteries that he had brought as spares in case his light should go out. He was willing to give of what he had to make sure that another could enjoy a light too. All that day I thought about the Biblical message of keeping our lamps lit in case Christ should come in he night. (The story about the maidens and the bridegroom.) I thought about how many people have more than enough and yet hoard money and material possessions when there are those in need. Yet this 8 yr. old boy was willing to share what he had so that another might have light when he needed it.

Every year there is something to learn from the youth I have at camp. I cherish these lessons. I will volunteer all I can to help where I am needed. The benefits you receive are the feelings you have when you do God's will as a disciple of Christ.